Create Art to Elevate Your Mood. Collage on Wooden Blocks

By Jessica Grant Collage Art on Wooden Blocks We are in the depths of winter darkness here. I find January/February the most difficult months to get through, little daylight, dirty snow, cold days. Some days it’s tough to get going and stay going. I find sparking a bit of creativity is always a sure way […]

Do you have a favourite Christmas family tradition? Ours is full of hopes and dreams.

by Jessica Grant My son and I started this tradition several years ago, adopted from my aunt and uncle. Each year during the Christmas holidays we get to work designing and constructing little boats. Inside these boats we write down our wishes, hopes and dreams for the year ahead and on New Year’s Eve or […]

Do You Have a Gardener on Your Christmas List? Here is The Perfect Sustainable Christmas Gift!

by Jessica Grant I come from a long line of avid gardeners in my family and despite having a small yard I still enjoy tending to a small garden every summer. Every year I harvest the seeds from the flowers, dry them and package them up for the next season. Having a small space to […]

My Art Featured in 2023 Calendar

Mixed Media of Nelson’s Iconic Big Orange Bridge (BOB) By Jessica Grant