My Art Featured in 2023 Calendar

Mixed Media of Nelson’s Iconic Big Orange Bridge (BOB) By Jessica Grant

Bears in Flannels + Sweaters – Latest Drawings

by Jessica Grant I’ve been inspired to draw bears in warm clothing recently. Dot art is always my go-to, I’m so in love with creating this type of art and I thought these would make fun Christmas cards. I’ll add some white text above them “Happy Holidays” They’re both so adorable, I really enjoyed making […]

Blackout Poetry Art, Art and Poetry All-in-One – Warning: It’s Addictive!

Where has this been all my life? I can’t stop, I’ve been doing blackout poetry for awhile but turning it into art is next-level. Creating Your Own I’ve recently done a blog post on creating blackout poetry here. Check it out for instructions. To turn it into art, it’s very similar: With your snipped out […]

Art Journaling – An Antidote to Stress

Art Journaling has been my “go-to” for years, I find it the most cathartic form of working through my inner emotions and expressing myself. My Trusted Vintage Typewriter comes in handy at times when I want to feature a quote into a page with some of my artwork. I have it on display because it’s […]