Make Your Own Collage!

collage mixed media brownstones city
Whimsical Collage of Brownstones

With the record snowfalls, and looming omicron virus, I’ve been hunkered down mostly indoors as of late. This is fine for someone like me, I enjoy the coziness of winter and the endless days of creativity.

One of my favourite endeavours is mixed media/collage. This is something I’ve always enjoyed. Why?

  1. It’s fun to look through old magazines, books, newspapers and source out inspiring patterns, quotes, words and colour palettes.
  2. There is so much room for “error”. I believe there is no such thing as making errors in creating art, however, when I create things I’m not always happy with the outcome. When working with collage, if I’m not content with the way it looks, I simply cover it up until I am.
  3. The outcome is always different.
  4. Collage creates a layered effect, giving your piece a 3D effect.
  5. Kids love it. My own son, who never ever wants to do anything artsy or crafty with me, unless I bribe him, loves making collages. Below is a sample of his work (Frog and woman)
collage mixed media frog and woman
repurposed collage of found sources reworked into new images – Frog and Woman

Once Christmas is over I don’t even want to think about it for at least another 11 months. That being said, I wanted to share this advent calendar I made my son this year. I think it’s what re-sparked my love affair with collage. He’s in French Immersion so I alternated the dates with French and English.

The other thing of course about collage that’s so fun is that it requires minimal resources and it’s great for the environment. All you need is paper, scissors, glue and some old magazines, newspapers or books. Rather than putting read materials in the trash or recycling they can be transformed into reworked pieces of art.

Check out my shop for a printable PDF worksheet on this as well as lots of other inspiring ideas.

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