Pebble Mindful Meditation Practice to Teach Kids about Peace, Strength, Clarity, Love and Freedom

Adapted from the original created by Thich Nhat Hanh

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pebble meditation for kids
Pebble for Meditation

The Pebbles Represent 4 Elements

Have your child (children) collect 4 pebbles. If they like they could paint them with the symbols of each element on each pebble. Store the pebbles in a small cloth bag and keep them for this meditation.

Each pebble represents the 4 elements I will outline here for you. You can discuss these with your child beforehand. Help them to understand these are all qualities that they already possess and each time they practice this meditation these qualities grow stronger. These strengths and abilities are within them and nobody can ever take them away. They are their’s to keep forever.


The flower represents energy, youth, joy, playfulness and kindness to others. When you hold the flower pebble picture a flower in your mind, breathe in and examine what a flower represents, exhale and visualize yourself as what the flower represents. Repeat this for 3 breaths.


The mountain represents inner strength and stability. We all possess a mountain of confidence inside of us. When you hold the mountain pebble in your palm picture a mountain in your mind and your inner strength and confidence, exhale and access yours, visualize yourself as a strong mountain. Repeat for 3 breaths. WATER


Water represents calm and clarity. We cannot be calm and clear when we feel jealous, turbulent and angry. Visualize calm, reflective water while you hold your pebble in your hand and access your inner peace while you inhale and exhale. Repeat for 3 breaths.


Space represents freedom, and room to breathe. We need space to be ourselves and allow others to be themselves and we need freedom to grow. Visualize the sky as you breathe in holding your space pebble and access your inner freedom while you exhale. Repeat this for 3 breaths.

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Thank your for checking out my blog. I truly hope that you found this post helpful and I hope you can incorporate this into your routine with your kids. As a certified mindfulness educator this is something I feel so passionate about.

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