Art Journaling – An Antidote to Stress


Art Journaling has been my “go-to” for years, I find it the most cathartic form of working through my inner emotions and expressing myself.

My Vintage Typewriter

My Trusted Vintage Typewriter

comes in handy at times when I want to feature a quote into a page with some of my artwork. I have it on display because it’s just so gorgeous but it’s more than that. It also creates classic fonts to add to my journal pages. Sourcing quotes that speak to me has been something I’ve done most of my adult life. There’s something about reading other people’s words that resonate with exactly how you feel that somehow make you feel less alone. Isn’t that what we all want, to feel understood? I think perhaps this is why this has become such a favourable hobby of mine.

I hope that someone someday when I am gone someone somewhere,
picks my soul up off of these pages and thinks “I would have loved her.”

Nothing gets me more excited than sitting down with my moleskin notebook and getting started with a quote that inspires me and my art supplies.


While working through difficult periods in my life I’ve always turned to my art journals for reprieve. It allows me time to not only express myself but also to get lost for awhile without overthinking. It is my way of understanding myself and allowing things to pass through me without becoming stuck.

Here I was inspired by some old photographs I found of myself from my childhood at a time when I was going through the end of a relationship.

“sometimes i wish

i were a little kid again

skinned knees are 

easier to fix

than a broken heart”

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