Blackout Poetry Art, Art and Poetry All-in-One – Warning: It’s Addictive!


Where has this been all my life? I can’t stop, I’ve been doing blackout poetry for awhile but turning it into art is next-level.

Some of my blackout poetry art

Creating Your Own

I’ve recently done a blog post on creating blackout poetry here. Check it out for instructions. To turn it into art, it’s very similar:

  • With your snipped out piece of text search for your poem within the words and highlight the words by drawing small boxes around them.
  • Decide on your creative design and draw it onto the remaining text with your fine tip marker, leaving out the text that you’ve put boxes around for your poem.
  • Next, take your sharpie and blackout the rest of the text.
  • This leaves your drawing and your poem highlighted.
  • You can get creative and use a different coloured marker, aside from black.

“The world is free for all to emulate in his own self-inflicted fairy-tale”

Check out my shop for a printable PDF with detailed instructions on making blackout poetry. This is great for hand-outs and lessons or as a resource.

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