Spark Inquisitive Minds of Little Explorers With Nature Journaling


Nature Journaling allows kids (and adults) to dive more deeply into exploration and build a stronger relationship with nature.

I’ve been working on creating a nature journal. It’s a Digital PDF download and will be available in my shop soon. I’m really excited about it and can’t even begin to tell you how much fun it’s been to work on. Just making it has expanded my own world.

I feel fortunate to have grown up in British Columbia with parents that cared about the earth and instilled this in me. Every weekend we went on a family hike and spent our summers outdoors. We grew up learning how to garden and explore BC’s vast landscape. We learned to respect nature and my Dad always took the time to teach me everything he knew about nature.

Not only that but we had a forest outside of our backdoor and spent our free time wild and free with nature as our playground.

I realize that not all children have this luxury and nature journaling gives us the opportunity to focus our attention on nature. It gives us the opportunity to ask questions and find answers. The more we learn about something the more we become connected with it. Not only that but the more we inquire the more we want to find out. Nature is full of surprises and wonders.

Connecting children with nature early on allows them a strong foundation in focusing attention, building curiosity and wonder, engaging senses, and becoming still and mindful. Not only these things but it also builds a strong sense of respect and connectedness with our planet and all living beings.

The supplies needed are minimal, you can make them as complex as you wish, really. I like to bring my nature journal and a pencil and when I get home I then complete my drawings and sketches with watercolours and pens.

My upcoming nature journal gives you prompts as well as helpful facts to inspire you. Here is a sample below:

nature journal for kids I wonder
sneak peak at my upcoming nature journal

Stay tuned for the launch of this nature journal and more on nature journaling. Happy Nature Walking until then!

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