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by Jessica Grant

Proposal to Conduct an Evaluation

Course Redesign Using Learning Theory

In this assignment for my Master’s Diploma Program, we were assigned to make recommendations to redesign one of Athabasca University’s courses based on one or more of the learning theories we studied. The University’s goal was to move from a combination of print and web-based application over to a virtual platform. Taking into consideration, the needs of the University, the students needs and goals, and the current materials I made instructional adjustments based on cognitive learning theory to meet the needs and goals of everyone involved.

My Personal Theory of Practice

My personal Theory of Practice in teaching and learning is based on the Cognitive – Constructivism Theory. In a distance/online context, I feel that individuals all learn differently and this needs to be recognized, considered and incorporated into instructional design.
The three learning principles that are applicable to both my learning and my online teaching are: Transfer of Knowledge, Participation, and Reflection.  Through Transfer of Knowledge motivation and engagement are obtained from the learner through active learning and relevant course materials. In Participation, an active learning environment is created, this furthers student engagement and motivation and through student team work active learning takes place via building shared knowledge, supporting communication and socialization. In cognitive learning the mental process of interpreting information is absorbing, storing and retrieval of information through stimulus processes in the mind.  Peer collaboration is essential for activating observations, perception, attention, interpretation, organization and forming generalizations. (Shunk 151) Finally, Reflection aligns with better coding through understanding and deep learning.

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