What is a Useful Technology in Distance Education?


by Jessica Grant

Group Project and the Demonstration of Blogs in Distance Education

Further to my other post on Are Blogs a Useful form of Social Media in Distance Education, here I will discuss a group project conducted in MDDE 610: Survey of Current Educational Technology Applications (Fall 2022) in my Graduate Program at Athabasca University.

While the technologies in DE are extensive and continue to grow, my group chose The Use of Blogs in Distance Education.

Further to the presentation some feedback we received from our classmates included:

Blogging with younger students and having students take turns writing a weekly message that the teacher sends out or a collaborative class message. This could be used in K-12 and there is an ability to limit the viewership of blogs used in education only visible to invitees. WordPress Privacy Settings.

Some educators use blogs as a portfolio of students work in K-12 settings for parents to keep up-to-date on what their children are working and reflect together at home or outside of the classroom and provide feedback. It also provides digital literacy and typing practice for younger students and can be used as a digital journal in K-12.

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