What is Openness in Education? An illustration of connections.


by Jessica Grant

concept map openness in education
Concept Map of Openness in Education by Jessica Grant 2022

In the creation of this map, and not until further into my studies, an observation that arose for me was the connection between all elements we studied and the building upon one another. I came onto this course as a novice in Openness in Education which opened an entirely new and exciting world to me. Creating the map each week not only allowed me to reflect on my learning, but also to explore deeper into each module and find how it connected to the previous weeks and modules we had covered. Working with a concept map is a novel approach for me and creating the map itself was a learning experience. 

In Defining Openness, I learned that OER are learning, teaching + research materials available in public domain or under copyright released for re-use, adaptation, redistribution + re-purpose by others. (UNESCO, 2019). And Open learning is natural exploratory behaviour and curiosity without threat (Barth, 1969). These were both later linked to OER + Open Pedagogy as well as Scholarship and Open Access. 

In Licensing and Content Protection I learned about Creative Commons and the licensing layers and copyright which was later linked to Using OER

In OER + Open Pedagogy we covered the 5 R’s: Contrast to traditional educational materials OER’s provide 5 R’s: Retain, Reuse, Revise, Remix, Redistribute. (Creative Commons, 2020). Through the 5 R’s I found a connection to OER’s Learning Materials, Research Materials, Public Domain, Curiosity without threat, and Collaboration, flexible learning and open sharing and later Openness and Systemic Change. 

In Using OER or OER Models, we learned about crowdsourcing and expert curated models, OER repositories and libraries, and open and semi-open resources. Here I demonstrated a connection to Creative Commons and although I did not demonstrate it on my concept map, there is a connection as well between Openness and Systemic Change and OER + Open Pedagogy. 

In Scholarship and Open Access connections were made to Public Domain and Research and Learning Materials under Defining Openness. 

Lastly, in Openness + Systemic Change I found connections to branches in Open Access and Scholarship, Defining Openness, and as mentioned above, OER + Open Pedagogy. 

There could be interconnectedness between all elements of the map technically, however it began to get hard to read and too cluttered. 

What is Openness in Education?

Defined by IGI Global Publisher of Timely Knowledge. (2002)

Knowledge is a public good and
anyone who demands it should
have access to it without being
faced with any barriers.


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