Do you have dreams of starting your own podcast? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.


by Jessica Grant

laptop and mic on tripod in studio before recording vlog

Starting a podcast is much like starting a blog or website.

1.Find a podcast hosting service. This creates an RSS feed for your files and a place for your audience to come to and listen to your podcasts. Brian Benton (Discover Pods, 2022) named Buzzsprout Number 1 for best free podcast hosting services. He describes Buzzsrprout as “a simple, intuitive, and feature-rich podcast host perfect for most podcasters.

2.Get a good microphone. This is the only piece of equipment you will really need to invest in. If you are strapped for cash, you can start off with your phone or computer and invest later on.

Lee Dunkey of Tom’s Guide tested microphones and came up with the best for podcasting in 2022. They narrowed it down to these 3 in a range of budgets.

3.Come up with content. You want to captivate your audience and draw them in with something of interest. Try to find a niche to captivate your audience. This is something that not only you find interesting but that others will as well.

Once you have determined your niche create an outline for your podcasts. This should consist of a beginning, middle and ending. The beginning is your introduction to the audience, the middle is the “meat” of your podcast and the ending is a brief overview, thanking your audience for listening, credits and reminding your audience where to find and like you to build your audience (such as your website or blog).

Consider guests and co-hosts.

4.Music.There are a few royalty free music sites available to obtain music for your podcast from. You can search Creative Commons music and check licensing or these royalty free sites: soundstripe , pixabay and YouTube Audio Library

5.Choose a Name and Brand. Consider what subject matter you want to cover on your podcast and choose a name in relation to this. This will help listeners find you, be drawn to you and more inclined to listen to your shows.

You will also need a logo that represents you. You can either try to design your own if you have skills in this department or hire a designer to design one for you.

Good luck with your podcast. Watch for my next post ‘Podcasting in Education’

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