Create Art to Elevate Your Mood. Collage on Wooden Blocks


By Jessica Grant

Collage Art on Wooden Blocks

We are in the depths of winter darkness here. I find January/February the most difficult months to get through, little daylight, dirty snow, cold days. Some days it’s tough to get going and stay going. I find sparking a bit of creativity is always a sure way to elevate your mood. (That and exercise).

I found a magazine in the book nook on my walk that was full of great graphics which inspired me to get creative. I used some wooden blocks I had to create these collages that I thought were pretty fun. I love using lots of colour and wanted to incorporate some positive messages.

“You are Perfect Just The Way You Are” and “You are lovely. Pass it on.”

My son and I have been home sick together all week so it has been an especially challenging week. He was inspired to create “Fred” Pretty darn cute.

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